Saturday, 19 May 2012

Harry Potter party!

So the last few weeks have been a bit crazy! I seem to have been here there and everywhere! One of the places I was lucky enough to visit over the last few weeks was the new Warner Brothers Studio Tour – The Making of HarryPotter.

I’m a massive Harry Potter fan, I’ve read all the books, watched the films, been lucky enough to visit the Wizarding World in Orlando and have just signed up to Pottermore! However the one thing that I had yet to do was have, or go to a Harry Potter party – what’s up with!

Well luckily this situation has now been rectified! A couple of my friends I work with who tweet over @Stace15  and @princessjrogers are also huge Harry Potter fans so a HP party was planned!

Stacey and Jess are both going to the tour in the next few month and Stacey decided to host the party before we all went (we’ll obviously have to have another once we’ve all been)! We drank Butterbeer, looked at Harry Potter photos and ate Polyjuice potion and pumpkin pasties! And well, all I can say is I feel every night should be Harry Potter night!

For the evening I made Cauldron Cakes which I saw on sale at the Wizarding World. I was really pleased with them and I’ll post a recipe and tutorial as my next post!

For now though, here are the pictures from the Harry Potter party! Hopefully they’ll inspire you to have your own HP party!

The polyjuice potion was scrummy butternut soup squash! Mmmm!

Mmm, hot pumpkin pastys coming out of the oven! Must remember to ask Jess for this recipe!

Bertie botts every flavour beans!

My Cauldron cakes!