Saturday, 2 June 2012

10 minute make - Quick Jubilee Bunting

I don't know why, but I'm a right last minute Larry when it comes to buying decorations for events such as the Jubilee.

Bunting has been in shops since, well, probably January but I've always thought "I'll save my money and get it a bit closer to the event".

I never seem to learn though - IT WON'T BE THERE CLOSER TO THE EVENT!

So, when I went to try and find some bunting to put in my window last week, surprise surprise everyone had soldeout! 

I didn't really have time to whip out my sewing machine either to make some which I would have like to have done. 

I ended up buying some union flag napkins as we're going to a jubilee picnic and I thought it would make perfect bunting too! (These were from M&S and were £1.50).

How to make 10 minute Jubilee Bunting

Take a napkin and open  it out. If you can't find union flag bunting then why not get red, white and blue? Or, just white and get people to decorate them for a really personalised party!

Cut the napkin in half and put Ribbon in the crease and tape or staple to the napkin. Then fold back over.

Continue with as many napkins as you want on your bunting and hang up!

Now, obviously, this bunting COULD be used outside, if the rain stays away...but we all know what good ol' Britain is like around bank holidays! So, indoors it is then!