Sunday, 22 January 2012

Getting crafty in Paris!

Getting crafty in Paris

To beat the January blues and to celebrate mine and my hubbies wedding anniversary we managed to bag a bargain deal to Paris and Disneyland Paris (I’m a huge Disney sucker)!

As well as sightseeing and shopping I managed to get a few ideas for some new craft projects that I wanted to share with you!

Leaving London

Ok, so this isn’t actually a new craft project but I had to share this place with you! We grabbed breakfast in a little café at St Pancras station called Peyton and Byrne. It’s such a cute little café and is really good value for being in central London. They had a deal for a coffee and muffin (which was HUGE) for £2.95!

So if you’re in London I’d recommend a visit. They have a few other locations too! Yummy!

BHV Department store, Paris

This place is amazing! It’s a massive department store selling everything. They have a huge crafting section which I could have wandered around all day! They also have stations with people demonstrating all the crafts. Why can’t we have this in the UK!

Look at the miles of ribbons and trimmings!

One thing that grabbed my eye was a product called Decopatch. I haven’t seen this before but I’ve always wanted to try decoupage. There were a variety of different shapes to decorate along with packs of paper and glue.

With the Euro/Pound exchange rate being pretty pants the packs were quite pricey. After a quick Google they do sell the stuff in the UK but it’s still quite pricey for what it is so I’m gonna try and do the same thing with magazines and PVA glue!


This isn’t a craft project but check this out!

This was actually a real tub of nuttella (also at BHV)! It was so heavy! It was only €34.99 which I didn’t think was too bad for that much chocolate. It was a bit heavy to carry back though!

Stained glass

I’ve always wanted to try making a proper stained glass window. These windows are from the Disneyland Paris castle and the colours are just beautiful. I think I might have a little look for stained glass courses so I can give it a go.

Cinderella picture

I found this vintage 70’s Cinderella book on a book stall by our Paris hotel (for a bargain €1.50). We’ve got a Cinderella poster in the bedroom so I wanted to get this book to make another picture using the pictures and text inside. Not sure how I’m going to do it yet but I’ll obviously post the result when I’m done!

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