Sunday, 8 January 2012

The finished cake

I know Christmas is a distant memory but as I blogged about the first two stages of my first ever Christmas cake I thought I’d better show you all the finished result!

If you’ve seen my other Christmas makes it’s quite clear that my Christmas colour scheme is red and white.

Thought I’d go a bit crazy with the cake though and go for white and blue! Wow, wild I know!

I made snowflakes out of Squires Sugar Flower Paste. This icing dries much firmer than fondant icing and is the same stuff used to make sugar craft flowers. One pack is about £4.99 but it goes a long way!

I dyed some of the sugar paste blue then rolled out and cut out my snowflakes. I’m a little addicted to edible glitter so decided to go all out with sparkly snowflakes. I also cut out a few stars!

I marzipaned and iced the cake using royal icing. I love the way it goes hard when it dries but is still a bit gooey underneath. My mum had a clear out the other day and gave me her icing turntable! How retro is this! And only 56p!

Then went snowflake crazy! And here it is!

I was so worried about trying the cake as I was a little concerned that I burnt it but it tasted lovely! Definitely helped by the 6 or 7 feeds of brandy I’m sure!

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