Wednesday, 4 April 2012

10 minute make - Easy Easter display

Easter is coming up so I wanted to do a quick and easy display to brighten up my dining room table.

I used some yellow Laburnum from my neighbours garden as I thought it was so pretty (don’t worry, I did ask first before chopping up her tree)!

You could use any branches though to get the same effect.

Then I made up two little vases of Daffs. I used jam jars for the vases.

I wrapped sisal round the stems of the daffs to add a little texture. You can buy this online or in a florist wholesaler.

I then tied a raffia bow around the jar.

Then I decorated the branches with little hanging eggs. I bought these a few years ago but I have seen similar in poundland or the Works!

I then used a bit more sisal as on the table to look like grass!

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