Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Felt Christmas decorations

These little felt hearts are quick and easy to make and are much cheaper to make than the ones you see in shops!

The great thing is you can use felt and decorations that match your colour scheme. So if you’re struggling to find that perfect matching decoration, you can make it instead!

What you need

  • Felt
  • Templates (I used cookie cutters)
  • Thread
  • Stuffing (I used cotton wool from poundland)
  • Things to decorate your heart with
  • Needle
  • Scissors

Step 1

Draw around your template to create the front and back of the decoration and cut out.

Step 2

For this decoration I wanted a smaller heart on the front so I used a smaller template to cut out a heart in a different colour.

Step 3

Stitch on any decorations before sewing any parts together together.

I love the buttons I’ve used as they remind me of candy canes! They’re a Fabric Land find!
You could also use bows, ribbons or just stitch patterns on the front.

Step 4

Now stitch the front and back together.

Step 5

Stop when you get to the top so you have a gap for your stuffing, then stuff and stitch up!

Step 6

Add a ribbon for hanging. This is just stitched on.

Step 7

Hang on your tree!

These are a few of the other patterns and styles I’ve done. You could of course do any shape you want!


  1. I have a weakness for anything with hearts on it and these little gems are ADORABLE!!! I'll certainly need to try making these :)

  2. Aw thankyou!! I also have a weakness for hearts! We have many of them dotted around the house!! :o)