Sunday, 4 December 2011

Baking the Christmas cake!

Last weekend, after the fruit soaked for a WEEK in sherry it was time to mix all the other ingredients together and embark on the 4 hour bake of the Christmas cake.

This is my first Christmas cake and I was worried about lining the tin, but I used the tips in the great british bake off book and they really did make life easier!

Step 1
Draw around the base of your tin to cut out a circle to line the bottom

Step 2
Cut a length of baking parchment and then cut flaps in the edge about an inch long, then fold up.

Step 3
Grease your baking tin and then put your circle in the bottom, then add the edge. Where you've cut the flaps it makes it so much easier to line the edge!

Step 4
Add your cake mix and bake! You can find the recipe I used in part one of my Cake making adventure!

Here is my finished cake! I think it's a little dark but I did take a bit out of the bottom and it does taste ok! So, fingers crossed when it's decorated and fed with brandy, no one can taste the burnt bits!!

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