Thursday, 9 February 2012

Bargain buys!

I always like to keep an eye out for a bargain. Actually, to be honest, it pains me to pay full price for things these days (why when there are so many bargains to be had)!

I’ve grabbed some great bits and bobs over the last couple of days that I thought I’d share!

I love the store Tiger. They’re a company from Copenhagen but they have a few stores over here now too. They always have loads of quirky (sometimes very random) items at really good prices.

In Tiger I picked up...

3 paper punches - £1 each

Fancy edged scissors - £1

and a set of mini stamps and ink - £2!

My next bargains were from The Works. Always great for good value books and gifts and they also stock loads of craft goodies!

I picked up some really cute trimmings all at 59p! Even better they were buy one get one free…however, I didn’t know this until I got home and checked the receipt so I missed out on one freebie! Still a great deal though!

So now I'm looking forward to using all my bargain buys! Let me know if you've got any tips for a craft bargain!


  1. Fab finds! I always check The Works as I've had a good few bargains from there too, like buttons and ribbons. I even got a Tilda book from there once!

    1. I think The Works is a bit of a treasure trove with some of the hidden bargains you can find in there! Love it! :)

  2. I love Tiger and The works, both full of great stuff x