Monday, 20 February 2012

Felt cupcake decoration

I made this for my friend over at BeautyU’s birthday the other week. She’s a big fan of baking and pretty things so thought this would be perfect!

You’ll need

·         Felt
·         Stuffing
·         Needle and thread
·         Scissors
·         Beads and trimming

Step 1

Draw a cupcake shape onto a piece of paper to use as a template.

Use 2 bits of paper and fold in half and cut out the template. This gives you four pieces the same size (although I only needed 3 in the end)!

Step 2

Take each paper cupcake template and cut into the “layers”.

So I’ve got…

1 – front and back
2 – bun case and cake
3 – icing and cherry!

Step 3

Use the templates to cut the correct size out of felt. (apologies for my hand shadows...stupid spotlights)!

Step 4

Check all your pieces fit together

Step 5

Using a simple running stitch sew all the pieces together, using the stitch to add the detail.

Step 6

Add extra detail. So I added some of my bargain trimming and beads to look like sprinkles!

Step 7

Use a blanket stitch to sew the front and back together, then add the stuffing and sew up and knot! I also added the hanger at this stage so the loose ends were sewn neatly inside.

Step 8

Hang up and admire!!


  1. Did you stitch this by hand?!?! Amazing! xx

    1. I did indeed! Takes a bit of time but it's quite relaxing! Thanks! :) x

  2. It looks so amazing in my kitchen!! Thank you! xxx

    1. Yay!! This makes me smile!! :) xx

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Janice! :) Very kind of you!

  4. Hi There

    Love reading your blog and have popped by to say I've awarded you The Liebster Blog Award over at my blog.

    The cupcake decoration tutorial is fab and I love all the detail you've put on it!

    Rhi x