Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Popular Crafts February craft swap - Hearts!

I enjoyed doing the January craft swap organised by Popular Crafts magazine so much I signed myself up for the February one and March one too! No doubt when the next one comes around I'll be signing up for that too!

My swap partner was LeeAnn who has a lovely blog over at Polkadotsweetheart

For the swap I made three heart themed magnets out of felt (and I even manged to find cool heart shaped backing magnets), and a cupcake hanger with hearts as the sprinkles!

Following the swap rules I also sent my £3 gift which consisted of some heart buttons, red ribbons and some heart shaped tealights.

I'm looking forward to seeing what LeeAnn has made for me and I'll let you all know what I get!


  1. Thank you so so much! I LOVE it all! I have the magnets on my fridge and the wee cupcake hanging on my vase in the kitchen. Blog post coming very soon !
    I am sorry I have still not finished yours but I think I "officially" have until the 31ST but I really hope it wont take me that long!! I will try to get it out to you this week!Now that my inspection is over I have crafty time again. I have the bought part done, lol, just handmade part to finish! xxx

    1. Aw thanks LeeAnn! Ha ha!! Oh don't apologise I just wanted to blog about it!! You've had so much to sort out!

      Glad your inspection went well though!!

      :) xx

  2. Those are all beautiful, can't wait to try something similar x