Saturday, 3 March 2012

My claim to fame!

When I had a tweet saying the March Popular Crafts magazine was on sale I got excited. When I realised the tweet said it featured me I was just over the moon!

Luckily I was finishing work at lunch time that day so I ran (actually did), to my local WH Smiths to find a copy. I was so chuffed to see a screenshot of my blog staring back at me in the “sites to be seen” section!

I gave a little squeal and kinda scared the lady next to me, but who cares, I’m famous!

I really enjoy reading Popular Crafts as I’m someone who likes to try a variety of different craft ideas and the mag offers loads of different crafts all at varying skill abilities.

As a new blogger this meant so much to me so thanks to Katharine at Popular Crafts for this lovely surprise. And thanks to everyone else who takes the time to read and comment on my blog! J


  1. Yay I noticed you in it as well :) Well done x

  2. Aw, wow, that is amazing! :D Congratulations, A-me!

    Natalie xxx