Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Quick and easy personalised stockings

If you haven’t got much time before Christmas comes around then this is a quick and easy way to make a personalised stocking.
I managed to find some bargain ready made stockings in Tesco (50p each). They obviously look very plain and boring though so they needed a bit of jazzing up and here’s how!

What you’ll need
·         Ready made stockings
·         Felt
·         Thread
·         Needle
·         Scissors

Step 1

Cut out the letter you want to add to the front of your stocking using a stencil (I made my stencil with paper).

Step 2

Draw around your stencil and cut out the letter on your felt

Step 3

Cut down the side of your stocking (don’t worry – this will be stitched back up and hidden when you hang it up). This just makes it much easier to stitch your letter on.

Step 4

Pin and then stitch your letter onto the front of the stocking.

Step 5

Sew the edges to give it that extra homemade look (also sewing up the side you cut).

Step 5
Add any other decorations (I added a little bow) and then hang up!


  1. You are so talented and creative :) These are absolutely adorable!

    Natalie x

  2. Aw thank you hun!! Just need them filled up with pressies now!!! :) xx